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We Are Christians Only

We are people who are working to overcome the divisions and lack of love among religious groups.  We believe that unity in the Lord can be found only by following the instructions of Jesus; therefore, we refrain from any denominational names, organizations, creeds, or doctrines.   The Bible is our only source of authority in doctrine, worship, and organization. The Bible repeatedly warns about the danger of changing the divine message (Galatians 1:6-9). Following the teaching of the Lord, we are known only as Christians (Acts 11:26), and when spoken of as a group, we seek to be only His church, thus one of the "churches of Christ" (Romans 16:16).

Our Worship Is Simple

Our worship consists of those elements which were used in the worship of the church in the days of the New Testament. We sing and pray (Eph. 5:19, 1 Thess. 5:17), partake of the Lord's Supper every week (Acts 20:7), have the word of God preached for our instruction (2 Tim 4:1-2), and give of our means for the support of the Gospel and the caring of the poor (1 Cor. 16:1-2). We want to seek God's will through His word in all matters. Therefore, you will notice every teaching will be accompa­nied by Scripture readings or references.

Our Worship Encourages

When you worship with us, you will no doubt be encouraged to follow the Lord in your life. Rarely do we close a public worship period without giving each person in our audience the chance to obey Jesus' commands and become a Christian (John 14:15). Thus, encouragements to believe in Jesus as God's Son (John 8:24), repent of one's sinful life (Acts 2:38), and be baptized into Christ (Rom 6:1-7, Gal 3:26-27, 1 Pet 3:21) will be heard during your visit. Any sincere questions about the teaching of the Lord will always be answered through searching the Scriptures.

You Are Always Welcome

When you visit with us, you will be welcomed as a respected guest. In our worship you will be invited to join in, but no pressure will be put on you to contribute, pray, sing, or study. You may want to sit quietly by and observe, and you have that privilege without any criticism from us.

We offer various spiritual services and would be happy to assist you. If you have never visited our worship, we hope you will do so. If you have already visited with us, we pray that the experience was a pleasant one. We hope you will accept our invitation to worship with us soon!